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Ecolodging is a response to the growing demand for green tourism, which simply put is aimed at environmentally attuned customers who not only wish to experience nature firsthand but also leave a minimal footprint while doing so. The need for such destinations ultimately lead to the Ecolodge conservation concept. An Ecolodge as defined by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), is a tourist lodging designed for the expressed purpose of ecological and cultural conservation. Key for any Ecolodge are its water, power and disposal systems being built for efficiency and waste reduction. An Ecolodge also is designed to fit in with its surroundings by being built of (where possible) local materials and in architectural styles that blend into the local culture. Local expertise and involvement is highly encouraged.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Shed Chic: Outdoor Buildings for Work, Rest, and Play

Wonderful book that is full of, not only outbuilding ideas, but outdoor decorating ideas as well. A valuable book to have if you are doing any improvement in your yard. I love it and feel it is well worth the purchase.

Cabin Fever: Sheds and Shelters, Huts and Hideaways

Did you know Starck owns its own cabin on the Atlantic Ocean, near Bordeaux? Many artists build one. Marie-France Boyer loves cabins. She owns one in her garden. Every french owns a cabin. Either a real one, lost in the woods in their grand-parents village or a dreamt one, made of souvenirs from their childhood. In this book, you will climb up tree-houses, swim under fishermen "abris" on the ocean, admire "ateliers d'artiste". You will learn how to transform any ugly back-yard cabin into a private heaven. All houses in this book are inspiring. You will experience poetic feelings facing the most miserable buildings.