Thursday, January 17, 2013

A FRAME Fact Sheet

Cost : 25,000-30,000
Mounting time : 5 days
Hook up: Electrical, water and septic Tank.
System: Dbl A Frame Rib at 6’-0” O.C.
Skin: Structural Polycarbonate Insulated panels.
Skin Supplier: Dan-Palon or Kalwall
Foundation: concrete piles adjustable to any sloping Terrain.
Requires Building Permit: Yes
Requires local building inspection: Yes
Flooring: Plyboo or local harvested bamboo top floor finish.
Option for PV panels: Yes. Structure is designed to accommodate a 
  10 KW system split on both end of the Structure.
Warranty-Per Manufacture : See details in sales specification packet.
Meet codes: Yes meets local Building and fire codes. ( IBC, IFC…)
Hurricane proof up to 105 Mph.
Requires Transportation insurance for complete and safe delivery.
Prefabricated Stainless steel Kitchenette W/ Cook top and Undercount Refrigerator.
3 Ton AC spit system included. ( Including condenser and air distribution system)
100 AMP Electrical panel.
Option for WD hookup.
Bathroom FFE at client choice. 
Hose bib or hook up for Outdoor shower. ( Rinsing)
Mezz railing per client choice.
Aluminum or wood Door and windows.  (pricing and detailing will vary)

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