Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Update 01-09-2013 A Frame Beach Cabin

  These renderings are part of a study conducted for the reinterpretation of the classic A Frame cabin.  Mostly found in North America, this archetype has been mass produced in the 50's and 60's as well as adopted for recreation and hospitality on OAHU’s north shore. (Hawaii)

  A common denominator among most traditional single family homes are the extended roof overhangs and spacious Lanais. The traditional roof shape is either double pitched or in form of an “A” frame. The latter draws its inspiration from the indigenous Halau structure found throughout the islands. 

  In Hawaii, the Lanai is widely used for recreation and rest, but it is also perceived as a symbol of culture and regional  identity. The skin of the cabin is made of a translucent structural insulated panel at 6' on center. The panels have openings fitted into them which allows for passive cooling and adds to the perceived lightness of the structure. 

  The program includes a: Kitchen, contemplation, storage, study and a sleeping areas. The Lanai ( deck) measures 
12 ft x 6 ft.  This is our first serious attempt in fabricating this friendly escape. comments or questions would be appreciated.  Budget range 20k-35k.  Could be delivered and mounted in less than a week. (After foundation cured, utilities and septic tank ready for hook up)


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